“I Love School” Lunch Boxes

My son used to tell me how much he haaaaaaated schoooooool every morning.  I found out that if I made him a fun lunch, he would get excited to go.  Now if I tell him there is no school, he tells me ohhhhhhhh noooooooo!   Happy with the results, I’ve kept up the cool lunches.  I do take special requests from him, like “Sandwich with cat stuck in a tree and a firetruck coming to rescue it”.   And occasionally the lunches are a mess (like “peanut butter and jelly pinwheels on a stick”).  But my 4 year old is always excited to see what crazy thing is waiting in his lunch box.

We just had one lunch last week, and it was for Valentine’s Day.  I made spinach and cheese pinwheels with Valentine’s Day toothpicks.  I also added a cheese stick and dried blueberries.  He was pleased so I was pleased.

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