Giraffe Feeding Platform in African Forest – Houston Zoo


We’ve been to the Houston Zoo many times but we’ve never fed the giraffes.  It is only available a couple times per day and it costs $5.00 for 3 pieces of lettuce.  I always thought this was outrageous, so I’ve hurried my kids past this event for years.   That said, when we were zoo this weekend, I changed my thinking.

We toured the zoo on a busy Saturday and I was looking for a way to make the trip fun but short.  We saw some of our favorite animals and then walked by the giraffes right at the 2:00 feeding time.   I saw little kids right up next to the giant giraffes, feeding them Romaine leaves.  I’ve spent plenty of money around Houston on events that looked a lot less fun than this.  So, we walked over to the booth and bought our 3 pieces of lettuce for $5.00.  There is no member discount, but you can get a Frequent Feeder Card.  If you buy 5 $5.00 lettuce bundles, the 6th bundle is free.

The kids were giddy with excited and we headed up the ramp to see the giraffes.  After a short wait, we got our 3 pieces of Romaine and were face to face with the giraffes.  It was really really cool.


Joe fed the giraffe first and got an up close look at his black tongue and mouth full of teeth.  Brooke went next and was a little hesitant.  She tried to stand 5 feet back and reach the lettuce to the giraffe.  When this didn’t work, I helped her get a little closer.  She was relieved when the lettuce was gone and the giraffe did not eat her.

The staff on the platform was very friendly and offered to take our picture.  It would be especially fun if the zoo was not busy and we could spend a long time admiring our new friends.

All in all, this made our trip to the zoo special and I had no one arguing with me when I suggested we head home afterwards.

I doubt I will spend $5.00 each time we visit the zoo, but the giraffe feeding was a really fun thing to do with the kids.  Check out the daily schedule HERE.

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