Turn on the Oven Tuesday – Salmon and the Hungry Hungry Herbivore Salad

Turn on the Oven Tuesday has turned into a funny name for my cooking update. I only sometimes post it on Tuesday… and rarely was the actual oven turned on. This time I am posting on Tuesday, but I only used the range. And it was mostly done by my husband. Oh well. The point of it is to cook a meal for the kids, so I’m still going to claim to be the dinner champion. (Just don’t tell my kids that you cook good meals every night for your family.)

Tonight we had salmon, mashed potatoes and a spinach salad. We get a huge piece of salmon from Costco and divide it into 3 section. One part gets Caribbean Jerk seasoning, 1 gets Monterrey seasoning and the final one gets garlic seasoning (so everyone can pick what they want). After coating with some seasoning, we just cook it in a pan with oil, on low, until it is cooked through. It usually takes about 15 minutes.

While the fish is cooking, I make the potatoes. Yes, I usually just make instant potatoes. They take 4 minutes and taste good. No need to peel and boil and smash for a weeknight dinner. I use the remaining time to make a spinach salad and then call the kids to the table.

The kids like the salmon because “it makes their brains smart” and who doesn’t like potatoes? If they decide they don’t want salad, we just sing the Hungry Hungry Herbivore song from Dinosaur Train.


James ate his rice cereal like a champ, but is wondering when he’ll get a chance at the salmon and salad. He wants to be a Hungry Hungry Herbivore… Plants are What He’s Hungry For… Ohhhhh… He Loves to Chew… (Okay… best you just watch the YouTube clip.)

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