Dirty Dozen Ice Sculpting Competition – Discovery Green – January 2012


Today at Discovery Green, 12 ice artists from around the country were transforming giant blocks of ice into masterpieces. They were using chainsaws, torches, chisels and irons as hundreds of people watched. It was a hot January day that managed to close the ice skating rink at Discovery Green because it was turning into a big puddle. The artist did their best to keep their ice from melting with shade, blankets and dry ice.

I took the kids for the fun. METRORail is a short walk away from Discovery Green and was free today because of the Texans game. Once we were at the park, we made our way to the ice. There was a lot of excitement with the crowds and the music. Once we made our way to the front of the fenced off area, the kids got a good view of the competition. The sculptures were taking shape and the artists were doing their best to keep them from melting in the heat. We were there around 1:00 and I was wishing we had arrived closer to the 10:00 start time. The chainsaws would have been a huge hit.

The kids liked the competition, but had spotted the Kona Shaved Ice truck on the way in. After doing their best to focus on the competition, I let them head to the snow cone truck. They thought it was pretty cool that the truck had self serve syrup.


After playing at the playground and checking the progress on the competition, we went to Phoenicia for a quick snack. It was a perfect Saturday.


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