Turn on the Oven Tuesday – Modified


Have you been missing Turn on the Oven Tuesday? I haven’t… but I swear, I will turn on my oven again soon… but this week my post is about the food activities we took to my son’s preschool.


For snack, we brought cream cheese, raisins, baby carrots and bagels and let the kids make their own snowmen. We could have also used olives and peppers and other veggies, but I thought that might be a little ambitious.


The kids thought it was fun to make their own snack and were proud of their snowmen… which they then ate.


We also brought a gingerbread train kit. I’ve attempted, and failed, at other gingerbread projects in the past. They usually fall over and break before they are complete. The kits are not foolproof, but we have had a lot more success with them. They come in a little stand that helps hold everything into place.

Every helped and had a great time. It was as messy and chaotic as you would expect it to be with 15 4 year olds, but it was fun.

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