Save Your Money for Fun Outings… Get Cheap Toilet Paper. Charmin on Amazon for $0.20/Roll, Including Shipping.


Why spend a lot of money on toilet paper? I’d rather save the money for a trip to the museum or for a restaurant. My “stock up” price on toilet paper is $0.25 per regular roll. Right now on Amazon you can get Charmin Ultra Strong, Mega Rolls, 4 Count Pack (Pack of 6) 24 Total Rolls [Amazon Frustration-Free Packaging] for $0.20 per regular roll, shipped right to your door.

To get this…

Selected Subscribe and Save on the right side of the page for $22.05. (I select 6 months)
Click the $3 coupon at the bottom of the page. (If you don’t see it, sign in and then come back and click HERE again.)
Subscribe now. On the last page of the checkout process, your total will be $19.05.
Once it arrives, you can cancel your subscription. (And this really works. I do it daily.)


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