Turn on the Oven Tuesday – The Thanksgiving Thursday Edition

This week’s Turn on the Oven Tuesday is on Thursday, for Thanksgiving, and we actually turned on the Oven. Usually we just use the catchy name but only turn on the range.


After the Houston Thanksgiving Day Parade, which Joe and Brooke reenacted all day, we hosted Thanksgiving for 9 people. We had a vegan, a vegetarian, several meat eaters and one bottle drinker. No one was set on certain food, so we made whatever we wanted… even if it did not all go together.



To tide everyone over, I made a spinach salad with dried cherries and vegan candied pecans. (Vegans do not eat any animal products, including milk, eggs and honey.) I also made a soy based “cream cheese” and raspberry chipotle dip for crackers.


To make the dip, I just stole the recipe from the HEB cooking connection, whipped Tofutti cream cheese and half a cup of HEB’s raspberry chipotle sauce, spread it on a tray, and pretended like I made the recipe myself.


While we made corn (from the freezer), rolls (from a bag), sweet potatoes (from my mom’s house), pie (from my mom’s house) and doctored up some store bought vegan corn bread stuffing with some celery, onions, carrots and broccoli, my husband made our Thanksgiving… brisket. That’s right, we had brisket instead of turkey.

We also made cranberry sauce (because we like it even without turkey), made mashed potatoes and cut up a pineapple (because we were taking requests in the kitchen). At the same time, the kids made placemats.


Joe had made his placemat at school, so the kids decided they should make one for everyone. The fancy 8″x11″ paper placemats were a crowd pleaser.


We stretched out our table and enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner just as we liked it.  (Why not eat pineapple and stuffing together?  And why not use the Christmas china?)


Brooke’s favorite was the brisket.   Joe liked it all… and I think he ate a basket full of rolls.


Even baby James woke up at the end of the meal to smile about all the people that were thankful for him.


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