Turn on the Oven Tuesday – Christmas Cookies

Turn on the Oven Tuesday is to show my kids that that big hot box in the kitchen actually has a use. Usually I make dinner, but this week we used it to make Christmas cookies. I like cookies better than dinner anyway. (Don’t worry, my kids still got dinner. It wasn’t good, but it was a healthy dinner.)


We made cut out sugar cookies with the Betty Crocker mix. Why? Because this mix makes the best sugar cookies. I’m actually pretty good at baking and really could make my own mix… but it never tastes as good as the Betty Crocker sugar cookies.



We just followed the instructions on the package, rolled out the dough, and the kids cut out their favorite shapes. Once they baked and cooled, we decorated them with frosting (2 cups sifted powered sugar, 2 Tablespoons melted butter, 4 teaspoons milk) and lots and lots of sprinkles.


It was during this sprinkle-fest that I realized why I don’t like to cook. It’s not that I don’t like cooking, it’s that I hate the mess that it creates. We had dough and sprinkles everywhere. My husband reassured me that sprinkles make great Christmas decorations, and  I did my best to hold in my inner control freak.


I’m still glad we made the cookies.  Joe ate his body weight in cookies (while I was frantically sweeping up sprinkles) and Brooke licked the frosting off of every cookie she could reach. I managed to sneak some cookies away and have been secretly eating them all day. (Don’t tell my kids.)

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