“I Love School” Lunch Boxes

I’m making fun lunches for my son. It’s a trick to make him like school. The trick is working on the poor guy… he’s already forgotten that he hates school.


I was told by my son that he did not want any more shapes in his lunch, but this week I did sneak in a smiley face peanut butter and jelly and smiley face cheese. I added the carrots and hummus, in the circle container, to keep up the round theme. It was a hit and he asked for a monster face in his next lunch.



I put together this piece of art and hoped that it passed as a monster. On the day Joe took it to school, I stopped in for a meeting before pick up time. He spotted me and said, “No Mom… you said I could stay for lunch today. I’m not ready to go home.”. I’m taking that as confirmation that he loves school and my artwork sort of looked like a monster.

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