“I Love School” Lunch Box

I’ve been making fun lunches for my son for several weeks now. Why? The short story is that it’s a little trick I am playing on him. I make cool lunches; he stops telling me he hates school. So far, my trick is working.


Joe (nicely) told me a couple of weeks ago that he did not want any more shapes in his lunches. I’ve been doing my best to be clever, but really, cookie cutters are about as creative as I get. This week I chanced it and made him a train sandwich with train shaped cheese and crackers. I told him it was because we’ve been riding METRORail and he went along with it.



For the next lunch, he said he wanted a tree, because we see trees out the window when we ride the train. I wasn’t exactly sure I could pull off a tree without a cookie cutter, but I did my best. I made him a cheese quesadilla, let it cool and used kitchen scissors to cut it into a tree shape. I used food markers to color the leaves. I added a broccoli tree, almonds and dried cherries.

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