Houston Zoo – 4D Movie Experience



Address: Houston Zoo

Hours: Check WEBSITE


Cost: $5 Non-Members, $4 Members
Child Value Pass: $14.00 – Includes Zoo admission, 4D Experience movie and a Carousel ride. ($1.50 off regular price)
Adult Value Pass: $15.50 – Includes Zoo admission, 4D Experience movie. Carousel ride can be added for an additional $2.00 (but remember that an adult supervising a child on the carousel rides for free)

Appropriate Age: Any age


Our Review: We go to the zoo frequently and finally got over to the 4D Theater last Friday for the last showing of the day. The website says to arrive 15 minutes ahead of time, but we ran up just before showtime and were able to get tickets. Tickets can be purchased at the front gate, near the carousel or at the theater. The theater is located just inside the entrance to the African Forest. If you are running late like us, I suggest going straight to the theater to be sure you get there before show time.

My 4 year old, 2 year old, baby and I parked the stroller outside the theater and headed inside. (I really hate stroller parking, but I’ve never had anything stolen at Hermann Park when doing this.) We were the last ones in, but there was still many empty seats in the small theater.


My 2 year old is fearless, but I was a little worried about how my 4 year old would handle the show. We sat near the door, just in case, but we did not have any issue at all.

We saw the Dora and Diego show and it was fun even for me. The movie is 3D and there is a lot of action as Dora and Diego swing on vines and fly through the sky. The 4D part means that the chairs bump and buzz, there is wind, bubbles and even water sprayed at the audience. The big kids thought it was all great. My baby was a little shocked to get water sprayed on his face. After the first time, I covered him up with my blanket.

Some kids in the audience were a little scared and made a little noise, but it was no big deal.  Dora and Diego is interactive, so there is a lot of talking going on anyway.  The show is only about 10 minutes, so it’s easy to get through before the kids get too antsy.

I suggest checking out the show.  My kids loved it.  I just need to convince them we do not need to see it every time we are at the zoo… because the money for tickets can really add up!

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