HEB Thanksgiving Parade – Downtown Houston + Tips for Seating & Parking

Update: For 2015 information, go HERE!

Address: Downtown Houston
Appropriate Age: Any age


Our Review: This morning we went to the Houston Thanksgiving Day Parade for the first time. We parked at Hermann Park and took our favorite METRORail to the Main Street Square Station. The train was on the Sunday schedule (every 20 minutes), but we did not have to wait very long coming or going.



The parade started at 9:00 and we got there soon after. We knew we would not have good seats at this time, but getting out the door early on Thanksgiving was never a realistic goal for us.


We were at least 10 people back at McKinney and Fannin, but Joe had a good seat on his uncle’s shoulders. We offered Brooke a similar seat, but she was content to people watch from her stroller.


Joe really liked watching the bands and floats go by. (When we go home, he started his own marching band with Brooke. A ribbon, Tupperware container and chopsticks made his drum.)


James was along for the ride too, in his trusty old Baby Bjorn. We’ll be sure to go back next year so he can try the premium shoulder seating. When we do go back, we have a few tricks we are going to try.


Taking the METRORail was easy and we did not need to park in downtown Houston. We’ll probably do the same next year. If we do drive, we’ll be sure to park on the Discovery Green side of the parade route.

From what we saw this year, to get a good seat, you need to either get there early or go to the inside of the parade route (on the east side of Fannin). Since we jumped off the train and walked over to Fannin with everyone else in Houston, we were pretty far from the parade and I could only see the big floats.  The crowd was much smaller on the east side of Fannin.

We could not cross Fannin due to the crowds and parade, so I asked the police officer if we could take the underground tunnel. Unfortunately the one we tried was locked.


 Since we are unlikely to ever get to the parade early, next year when we arrive at 9:00, we will try to walk south of Dallas or north of Texas to get inside the parade loop.  Maybe we’ll even try and find an indoor location like the Wells Fargo Building.  It looked like the group inside there had the very best seat.

In summary, we went, we had fun, and next year we’ll go and do it even better!


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