El Rey Taqueria


Address: 5 Houston Locations. Check HERE. We visited the one downtown.

Cost: Reasonable.

Appropriate Age: Any age.


Our Review: My kids and I decided to ride the METRORail and explore downtown some more. We parked at Hermann Park, paid $1.25 for one adult ticket, and jumped on the train. We exited at the Preston station, between Prairie and Congress, and ran in to El Rey Taqueria. It looked casual enough for kids, so we headed in.


We went on a weekday, just after 12:00. The restaurant was busy but some seats were available. The menu did not have kid’s meals, but there were a lot of options for my kids. Check the MENU here.   At the counter, we ordered 2 El Rey Tacos with grilled fish and cabbage (and no habanero mayo) and 2 El Cuban Tacos with chicken, plantain and sour cream. Each was $2.55.


Joe wanted to sit up high and Brooke wanted to sit down low, so we compromised in the corner of the restaurant. Joe sat at the bar and the rest of us sat at the table. Once we were settled, about 5 minutes later, our food arrived.


The kids ate their fish tacos and each asked for another, which we ordered and had within 5 more minutes. I ate the Cuban tacos, and maybe I just like plantains, but they were some of the best tacos I’ve ever had. No joke.

We’ll be back for sure.

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