Turn on the Oven Tuesday – Salmon Patties


I’m making an effort to actually cook something new for my kids eat week. (Yes, they do eat ever other day as well. Usually it’s all the veggies I can find in my house, between two slices of bread. Or sometimes the veggies go on a tortilla, with some cheese, and make a trip to the microwave.Ā  Or the veggies find their way to the stove and make the same veggie and noodle dinner for the 1200-th time.)

This week I opted for an easy meal of salmon patties and salad, but I did turn on the stove and made something new! To make the salmon patties, all you need is canned salmon (I used the de-boned, no skin type), an egg and saltines. One small can of salmon makes about 8 patties. If you use another can, add an extra egg.



Crunch up the crackers and mix all the ingredients. Keep adding crackers until the mix is stiff but not crumbly.


Form the salmon into patties and throw them on a warm pan with a little oil. Once they are browned on both sides, pull them off the pan, and dinner is done.


I added a spinach salad and olives (Brooke’s request).


The big kids approved of dinner, and James (Mr. Big Cheeks pictured below) decided to give me just enough time off of baby duty to eat my dinner as well. šŸ™‚


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