“I Love School” Lunch Boxes

My 4 year old decided he hated preschool. I didn’t really believe him, because when I peaked in at him during the day, he was having a wonderful time. Still, complaining and dragging his feet became his morning ritual. In an effort to get him excited again, I started to spice up his lunches.

Now, my success in the kitchen has been very limited. If I was in school and dinner was a class, my report card would say that I do not apply myself. And it would be right. Still, to make my son stop saying he hates school, I’m willing to overcome the years of failure and succeed at making awesome lunches. (Dinner is just not going to happen any time soon.)

My plan is to use cookie cutters in excess. Below are the pictures of my first lunch box creations. Each week I’ll post my progress so you can assess my progress (and I’m motivated to continue making cool lunches).



For the first lunch, I used train cookie cutters on a sandwich. It turns out that the small cookie cutters just made the sandwich fall apart and wasted a lot of the sandwich. I added the layer of cheese on top so my son would know what the shape was, and the bread under it as a bridge, so the sandwich wasn’t completely wasted. It wasn’t fabulous, but my son was very excited to take it to school.


My next attempt was focused on fancy cheese and crackers. It turns out that cutting out shapes of cheese is much easier than trying to cut an entire sandwich. My son was pleased with his acorn and leave lunch. The wrap in the picture is my signature peanut butter and jelly burrito. My son just assumes that these are normal.


I figured out by lunch number 3 that sandwich punches are used to cut sandwiches into cool shapes. I picked up some on Amazon and made a train shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I then used the cookie cutter on the cheese to make fun cheese and crackers. I picked up the food markers at Walmart in the cake decorating section. My artwork needs a little help, but my son didn’t care.

Next week I’ll post more pictures of my creations.  I’m still working on making the cool lunches even cooler… but I’m happy to report that my son has already forgotten that he hates preschool.

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