Our Dinner: Pepper and Mustard Pizza (Modified)

Tonight I asked my son what he would like to make for dinner. He told me pepper and mustard pizza. As good as that sounded, we did not have any peppers and the mustard was pretty well hidden. To add to this, my husband is usually the pizza maker, not me. But since I was trying to make up for the peanut butter and jelly burrito I made him for lunch, I told him we’d give pizza a try.

Feeling resourceful, we searched through the fridge and pantry. Finding the ground beef (from the Whole Foods sale last week), a can of olives, a can of mushrooms, a jar of red sauce (from an Amazon bargain) and some cheese, we decided on our flavor of pizza.


We cracked open the tube of pizza dough, but it got a little grumbled. (Joe’s word meaning messed up.) No problem, we shifted gears to making a calzone.



On the stove we browned the beef, drained it, added red sauce, olives and mushrooms. My son helped to roll out the dough on a cookie sheet and added some extra red sauce.

We loaded up the grumbled dough and closed it up the best we could. We threw it in the oven at 425 degrees for about 20 minutes and wished it the best of luck.


To my surprise, the crust came out golden brown and appeared to be cooked all the way through. I did a private little victory dance but assured my kids that I knew what I was doing the whole time.


I sliced up the calzone and let the judges have a taste. My son was so pleased that I’m pretty sure he forgot about the burrito lunch.

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