West U Recycling Center

Wondering where to take all of those boxes in the garage? Try the West U Recycling Center.   It is at 4005 Dincans Street, Houston, TX, 77098 (behind the McDonald’s at Kirby and Westpark) and is open 24/7.  You just drive up, hop out and recycle.

I get a lot of Amazon boxes (all shipped to my door for free). They can’t all fit in my recycle bin and it drives me crazy having them in the garage, or worse, the kitchen. I’ve recently discovered the West U Recycling Center and my kids think it’s great fun.  (I think recycling would be a lot faster if they stayed in their car seats, but they sure make recycling more of an adventure!)

The West U Recycling Center takes the same items that you can recycle at home but they take glass (and not all neighborhoods can recycle glass in the bins), you can recycle a lot at once, and you get the junk out of your house without waiting for the bi-weekly pick up.

Go check it out!


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