Buffalo Grille… Giant Pancakes & Family Friendly

Address: 4080 Bissonnet St, Houston, TX 77005

Buffalo Grille on Bissonnet is one of our favorite places. It’s casual, breakfast is served all day, the tea is highly caffeinated and it has a nice patio for kids.

It is my go-to morning meeting stop.  At 8:00 in the morning, the tables are full of friends meeting for coffee, business men and women having breakfast meetings and parents with kids.

You order at the counter, fill your drink and take a seat.  Once the food is ready, you go grab it… or the staff will bring it to you if your arms are full.

Buffalo Grille has all the breakfast and lunch items you could want.

My favorite is the self serve coffee and iced tea that may pack more caffeine than anywhere else in Houston. Seriously. I drink iced tea all day long with little effect. At Buffalo Grille, one ice tea has me wanting to run a marathon. (Since I don’t run marathons, I usually fill my cup with half regular and half decaf tea.)

We sit on the fenced in patio, eat our food and then head to the park.

This location is very close to Judson Park… so stop by and climb the giant boulder slide when you are done with your meal!




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What?? 100% fresh beef, made to order, no fillers, no preservatives, nothing artificial at McDonald’s Houston?!

Whenever I post something about McDonald’s, I get some “dislikes”.  I also get some “likes” and even more messages thanking me for the event or promotion.

So, when McDonald’s invited me out to tour the kitchen and try the new fresh (never frozen), made when you order, 100% beef, with no fillers, no preservatives and nothing artificial, I decided to check it out.

What I found at the I10 and Stuedemont location was that the owner is a Houston mom, the restaurant is clean and the kitchen is very very clean.  In fact, it was so clean and the food safety standards were so high it made me wonder what other restaurants might look like.

I was also able to order on the touch screen and customize my sandwich, fill up my $1 drink (any size) and have the food delivered to my table.

The fresh, never frozen, beef comes on the quarter pounders and the signature sandwiches and goes on the grill when you order it.  I tried a quarter pounder (which was good) but the signature sandwich with Texas toast and guacamole was really good.  I brought this one home to my family and they did not believe it was a McDonald’s burger.

Learn all about the burgers HERE.

Raos Bakery Coffee Cafe… Right by Collins Park!

Address: 6915 Cypresswood Dr, Spring, TX 77379

I have been hearing about Raos Coffee Cafe for forever.

This is the cafe next to the great Collins Park (and highly recommended for king cakes and birthday cakes).

We finally made it out after our last trip to the park… and it was perfect! This casual cafe is decorated in what I call a “New York” style (like Katz’s) and serves coffee, tea, sandwiches, baked goods, gelato and more.

And after a hot day at the park, it was the perfect place to cool off with brewed blueberry tea and gelato.

The cafe is sleek and casual and good for everyone.  Check out the pictures below… and stop by next time you are at the park or library on Cypresswood!




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Right by the Menil Collection: BuffBurger

Address: 1540 W Alabama St suite 100, Houston, TX 77006

“Please be casual…  Please be casual…”.

This is what I say to myself every time a see a new restaurant popping up in Montrose… especially on the south side of Montrose.  By the Menil, there are surprisingly few casual family friendly restaurants within walking distance.

But now we have BuffBurger  joining Good Dog and Oui Banh Mi!

In the new Alabama Row, this burger place features all natural ingredients supplied by local ranchers, farmers, and bakers.  They say that the quality meat and produce make quality burgers… they’re perfect the way they are… like “In the Buff”.


BuffBurger is sleek and casual and has a wrap around patio.  You order at the counter, fill your drink and take a seat.  The burgers are made to order and come to you.

There are kids meals (with burgers, grilled cheese, chicken fingers and more) and adult burgers, salads, chicken sandwiches and more.

Instead of a veggie burger they have a “Fritter” with a corn fritter with guacamole, pickled red onion, lettuce and tomato.  The burger is a fried fritter and I appreciate it not being just another mushy veggie patty.

We ordered kids meals and the Fritter… and later saw people with the Parmesan truffle fries and the steamed edamame.

There is free parking in the lot behind the building, and also across the street by the Menil.  Prices are not bad, but not cheap… which is probably the only thing keeping us from eating here every single night… BUT at the time of this post, kids do each free on Monday and Tuesday with the purchase of an adult meal.

Check out the pictures below!



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There is a Playground at Christian’s Tailgate West University!

Address: 5114 Kirby Dr, Houston, TX 77098

You had a baby in a (sports) bar?! Yep, we did and we liked it.

Christian’s Tailgate has opened a new location on Kirby and it has kids meals and a playground!

This restaurant is in the old Amazon Grille building. Televisions line all the walls, there is a bar, lots of tables, a couple patios, some video games (like Pac-man) and a small play structure.

At lunch time we just ordered at the bar and headed out to the playground. The fulled fenced play area has a few picnic tables and is part shade.

We played and the food was quickly delivered to us. The kids meals are all $5 and we ordered the chicken tenders… plus a veggie burger and shake.

Everything was good… and how can you complain with good food, a nice day and a playground?!

The playground is fenced in but does have two gates. If you go, just double check that they are latched so the kids don’t sneak into the parking lot.

Also, just inside from the play area are some video games (which take money) and a giant connect four game.

And finally, we used to like Amazon Grille because they had free cotton candy and you could roast marshmallows for smores at your table. Well, Christian’s Tailgate does not have this… but I did spot Fried Oreos on the menu!

Check out the pictures below!




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Stubby’s at Rodeo Houston 2018!

Rodeo Houston is back in town, along with more food than you could eat during the 3 week show.

Stubby’s is our all time favorite and we went straight there on opening day.  I was a little worried that it would be missing from the show because they usually wins lots of Foodie Awards for their big cinnamon rolls and baked potatoes BUT not in 2018.

We did find them and we did try them… and everyone can celebrate that the gooey cinnamon with icing is just as amazing as before.  It’s so good that my friend suggested we bring them our own blue ribbon tomorrow.

So, you just might see a handmade ribbon there next week.  Tell us which booth you’d give a ribbon to!

Dining Options at Rodeo Houston 2018!

Next week at this time, we’ll be eating at Rodeo Houston!

The trouble is that there are so many options, you could spend three weeks eating… and still not try it all.  Just look at the long list of 2018 options HERE!

So, to help you pick the food you want to try first, here are the 2018 Foodie Winners!

2018 Foodie Awards:

Best Dessert: Fried What, Buckeye Sundae
Classic Fair Food: Biggy’s, “Spicy Turkey Leg”
Best Value Food: Yoakum Packing, “Bacon Blast Croissant”
Most Creative Food: Fried What! “Fried Bacon-Wrapped Cinnamon Rolls or Fried Cinnamon Rolls”
Best New Flavor: Harlon’s BBQ, “Harlon’s Stuffed Turkey Leg”
Best Food-on-a-Stick: Sudie’s Catfish House, “Fried Bread Pudding on-a-Stick”
Best Fried Food: The Original Minneapple Pie, “Minnepumpkin Pie”
Best Specialty Food: All of Us, “Chocolate Cobbler”


2017 Foodie Awards:

Best Dessert: Fried What – “Buckeyes”
Classic Fair Food: Stubby’s Cinnamon Rolls – “Cinnamon Roll with Icing”
Best Value Food: Stubby’s – “Loaded Baked Potato”
Most Creative Food: Cowboy Kettle Corn – “Nitro Pop”
Best New Flavor: Mad Hatter Funnel Cake #2 – “Chocolate Dipped Oatmeal Cream Pie”
Best Food-on-a-Stick: Berryhill – “Shrimp Diablo”
Best Fried Food: Berryhill – “Crispy Shrimp Taco”
Best Breakfast Food: Stubby’s Cinnamon Rolls – “The Works Cinnamon Roll”

Creamistry… Now Open in CityCentre!

Address: 791 Town and Country Blvd Ste 140, Houston, TX 77024

At Creamistry, the ice cream is mixed and frozen right in front of you. You select your base and your mix-ins… and they use liquid nitrogen to freeze it as you watch!

We’ve been to the location in the Galleria… but now one has opened on Town and Country!

Creamistry is a sleek ice cream shop… and everything is made fresh when you arrive.  You order a base, a mix in and a topping… and then the fun begins!  It is frozen with liquid nitrogen and the counter fills with fog!

The ice cream is very fresh and tasty… and the show makes it great.  It’s not cheap, at $5.95 for a regular, plus $1 for premium bases like coconut milk and $1/topping… but it is the most fun we’ve ever had at an ice cream shop!

Check out the pictures below (including some behind the counter pictures from the grand opening).





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Now in Montrose… Miss Saigon Cafe!

Address: 1421 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77006

Once in Rice Village and now in Montrose is Miss Saigon Cafe!

The new location is right next to El Pueblito and Mandell Park in a strip of shops.  The small restaurant has a big mural on the wall, tables with tablecloths and high chairs for little kids.

The staff was very welcoming when we brought the kids and fixed up some chopsticks with rubberbands for the kids.  There is no kids menu… but with pho and vermicelli, we did not need it.

We ordered the Pho with Chicken, Vermicelli with Shrimp and a very unique Green Papaya and Shrimp Salad.

The food came very quickly and was all very good.  The salad was the most unique with shredded green papaya, lotus stems, shrimps, snow mushroom & Vietnamese herbs, with nuoc mam and shrimp chips.

This restaurant is very close to Oui Banh Mi so I hope there are enough customers for everyone. Miss Saigon is a sit-down place and Oui Banh Mi is more like fast (good) food… so next time we want sit-down Vietnamese food, we’ll head back to Miss Saigon!


Miss Saigon Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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Tiny’s Milk and Cookies in West University

Address: 3636 Rice Boulevard, Houston, TX 77005

Picture this… Right in the middle of one of the nations biggest cities is a neighborhood where kids run from baseball fields to playgrounds to restaurants and the local sweet shop.

Kids on bikes and families fresh from the park are lined up at a sidewalk window, selecting the baked goods, ice cream and coffee.

Right by West University Spark Park, the West University Library and Little Matt’s is Milk and Cookies. Along the side of Tiny’s No. 5 is where you can find their famous chocolate chip cookies (and more).

I happen to be a lover of chocolate chip cookies and will select this sweet over just about any other. The ones that are soft and gooey are my all time favorite… and that’s what you can find at Milk and Cookies.

I did advise my kids to also get the chocolate chip cookies, they just didn’t listen and went with the boxwood sugar cookie and the pistachio ice cream.

It’s probably best they didn’t listen because I tried a little of each and they were also darn good.

This little shop takes cash and cards and has plenty of free parking for those not riding over on bikes. The shop is not cheap (at $10 for just three items), but it was delicious and the constant flow of customers makes me think they are doing something right. (I know for a fact they are doing the cookies and ice cream right.)

There is no place to sit at this sidewalk shop, but you can take it to the park.

Look at the pictures and see it for yourself next time you are in area. (Scroll to the bottom for a map with everything close by!)



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