You’ve never been to Fadi’s Mediterranean Grill? I’m so sorry!

Address: 4738 Beechnut St, Houston, TX 77096 (and others)

“What? I’ve never taken you to Fadi’s Mediterranean Grill? I’m so sorry!”

This is what my friend told me as we drove over to the restaurant. So, what is it? Well, she said it’s like a Luby’s, but with really good Mediterranean food.

When we arrived, I found a very popular restaurant with long buffet with way too much good food. It was hard not to order it all!

There was a menu posted at the front, and I attempted to limit myself to 3 sides (or 6 half sides). My older boy selected chicken with a few sides and my little boy selected a giant bowl of rice.  (I did not notice kids meals… but I was a little overwhelmed by all my options!)

At the end of the line, we paid, fill our drinks and found our seats.

The food was great and the restaurant was casual and family friendly.  The only trouble was not ordering everything (and having to pay for everything).

We liked it so much that when we were in Sugar Land a couple days later… we visited that location as well!

Check out the pictures!




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Go to The Teahouse for Tapioca, Tea and Boardgames!

Address: 2089 Westheimer Road, Houston, Texas

Here’s a not-so-secret thing about me. I love bubble tea.

When I discovered you could get it in Houston, I began to drink way too much of it. And this brings us to this week’s restaurant… The Teahouse!

Bubble tea, fish tanks and games… The Teahouse on Westheimer and Shepherd is one of our favorite spots.

This location has been recently remodeled and is sleek and casual… and if you walk past the front room, there is a big “secret” room in the back.  This is where you can find all the game, the big fish tanks and couches and coffee tables.

At The Teahouse, you order at the counter.  There are tons of drink options with teas, coffees, smoothies and lots of sinkers (like tapioca).  You can also order some food including popcorn chicken and fries.

We just get drinks… and I will say that not everyone likes bubble tea.  This is iced tea (sweet or unsweet, with cream/milk or no cream/milk) with sinkers like tapioca or jelly or something.  My good friend says sinkers are like dinosaur boogers… so, you decide for yourself.

My kids do love it… and get the black iced tea, with only a little sugar, and tapioca and matcha cream tea.  And we get to play games while we are there!



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Give Away: Free Pizza for a Year at Johnny’s Italian-American Tavern by Carino’s!

Johnny’s Italian-American Tavern in Baytown will have their Grand Opening on Wednesday, May 23, 2018… and there will be contests, giveaways & the first 100 adults in line at 4pm receive free handcrafted pizza for a year! AND someone here will also win FREE pizza, each week, for a YEAR!

Johnny’s Tavern will offer an all new Italian-American menu including an all day, every day happy hour menu, 25¢ wings, over 100 beers from $2, a variety of wood-fired pizzas, handcrafted burgers and sandwiches in addition to the traditional Italian dishes that have always been the heart of Johnny Carino’s. So if you love Italian and American food and sports, go no further than Johnny’s Italian-American Tavern by Carino’s.

Located in Baytown at the San Jacinto Mall Off the I-10 FWY at Garth Rd.
Address: 7017 Garth Rd., Baytown, TX 77521

If you want to WIN one small classic pizza per week for one year, register below (or HERE). The winner will receive one small classic pizza per week, from week ending 5/27/18 to week ending 5/19/19. Valid at the Baytown, TX location only.

Update:  Congratulations to Mariaelena!

Contest Ends:  Friday, May 25, 2018
Official Rules:

Art & Food at Honey Art Cafe!

Address: 3516 S Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX 77098

Have you seen the new Honey Art Cafe? It’s a “creative hub where you can take art classes, view artwork, and eat deliciously beautiful food”.

I’ve been eyeing it each day as we drive through Montrose/Kirby… but it was Houston mom, Sunni, that got there first! Check out her pictures… and her page, Family Fun in Northeast Houston!

Honey Art Cafe is owned by two Rice graduates that turned their passion into a business.  You can buy drinks and sweets… and take art classes or just rent the art tray ($14 for 2 people).

The walls are covered with murals… and if you are searching for more Houston art, this is a good spot to find it.

Food prices are not cheap… so this is probably a place for special occasions… but it certainly is different!  See all the options HERE.  The parking lot is free but small… so try to not arrive at peak lunch and dinner hours.

The cafe is closed on Monday and Tuesday, but any other day you can check it out!


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My favorite sandwich in all of Houston is… the Garden Sammie at Local Foods!

Address: 2555 Kirby Drive, Houston, TX 77019

My favorite sandwich in all of Houston is… the Garden Sammie at Local Foods!

It is full of Brussels sprouts, avocado spread, hummus, pickled onions, tomato and is on ciabatta… and has so much flavor and crunch that you don’t feel like you were cheated by ordering the veggie sandwich

This restaurant is crisp and cool and family friendly… so for my birthday this week, this was the spot we went. There are several Houston locations, but we went to Upper Kirby.

At Local Foods, you order at the counter, fill your drink and take a seat and the food comes to you.  You can sit inside or out on the fenced in patio.

They don’t have a dedicated kids menu, but you can order grilled cheese or some simple sandwiches.

This is an old picture of the patio (and the shop next door is different now)… but this week it was so full I did not get a new picture!

Parking can be tight, but it is free and spots open up regularly… but go a little early or late for easier parking.



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Fu Belly… Boardgames, Foosball and Chinese and Vietnamese Food!

Address: 5727 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77057

We went to Fu Belly for the bubble tea… but when we got there, we found board games, foosball and lunch!

Fu Belly is located at Chimney Rock and Westheimer and serves Chinese and Vietnamese food… and delivers in the Galleria Area. It is big, sleek and clean… and was a surprisingly fun place to eat lunch.

We expected to run in quickly for bubble tea… but once we found the games and coffee table/foosball table combo, we decided to order some lo mein and stay a while.

We ordered at the counter and the food was delivered to our table. The staff was incredibly friendly and even noticed when the baby needed a drink and brought over some water.

The vegetable lo mein was fresh and veggies were crunchy… and it was so big we shared. The tea was good and they really listened when we asked for “just a little sweet!”.

We played the games and had a good time with the low foosball table before heading out. This was a really nice surprise!





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Buffalo Grille… Giant Pancakes & Family Friendly

Address: 4080 Bissonnet St, Houston, TX 77005

Buffalo Grille on Bissonnet is one of our favorite places. It’s casual, breakfast is served all day, the tea is highly caffeinated and it has a nice patio for kids.

It is my go-to morning meeting stop.  At 8:00 in the morning, the tables are full of friends meeting for coffee, business men and women having breakfast meetings and parents with kids.

You order at the counter, fill your drink and take a seat.  Once the food is ready, you go grab it… or the staff will bring it to you if your arms are full.

Buffalo Grille has all the breakfast and lunch items you could want.

My favorite is the self serve coffee and iced tea that may pack more caffeine than anywhere else in Houston. Seriously. I drink iced tea all day long with little effect. At Buffalo Grille, one ice tea has me wanting to run a marathon. (Since I don’t run marathons, I usually fill my cup with half regular and half decaf tea.)

We sit on the fenced in patio, eat our food and then head to the park.

This location is very close to Judson Park… so stop by and climb the giant boulder slide when you are done with your meal!




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What?? 100% fresh beef, made to order, no fillers, no preservatives, nothing artificial at McDonald’s Houston?!

Whenever I post something about McDonald’s, I get some “dislikes”.  I also get some “likes” and even more messages thanking me for the event or promotion.

So, when McDonald’s invited me out to tour the kitchen and try the new fresh (never frozen), made when you order, 100% beef, with no fillers, no preservatives and nothing artificial, I decided to check it out.

What I found at the I10 and Stuedemont location was that the owner is a Houston mom, the restaurant is clean and the kitchen is very very clean.  In fact, it was so clean and the food safety standards were so high it made me wonder what other restaurants might look like.

I was also able to order on the touch screen and customize my sandwich, fill up my $1 drink (any size) and have the food delivered to my table.

The fresh, never frozen, beef comes on the quarter pounders and the signature sandwiches and goes on the grill when you order it.  I tried a quarter pounder (which was good) but the signature sandwich with Texas toast and guacamole was really good.  I brought this one home to my family and they did not believe it was a McDonald’s burger.

Learn all about the burgers HERE.

Raos Bakery Coffee Cafe… Right by Collins Park!

Address: 6915 Cypresswood Dr, Spring, TX 77379

I have been hearing about Raos Coffee Cafe for forever.

This is the cafe next to the great Collins Park (and highly recommended for king cakes and birthday cakes).

We finally made it out after our last trip to the park… and it was perfect! This casual cafe is decorated in what I call a “New York” style (like Katz’s) and serves coffee, tea, sandwiches, baked goods, gelato and more.

And after a hot day at the park, it was the perfect place to cool off with brewed blueberry tea and gelato.

The cafe is sleek and casual and good for everyone.  Check out the pictures below… and stop by next time you are at the park or library on Cypresswood!




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Right by the Menil Collection: BuffBurger

Address: 1540 W Alabama St suite 100, Houston, TX 77006

“Please be casual…  Please be casual…”.

This is what I say to myself every time a see a new restaurant popping up in Montrose… especially on the south side of Montrose.  By the Menil, there are surprisingly few casual family friendly restaurants within walking distance.

But now we have BuffBurger  joining Good Dog and Oui Banh Mi!

In the new Alabama Row, this burger place features all natural ingredients supplied by local ranchers, farmers, and bakers.  They say that the quality meat and produce make quality burgers… they’re perfect the way they are… like “In the Buff”.


BuffBurger is sleek and casual and has a wrap around patio.  You order at the counter, fill your drink and take a seat.  The burgers are made to order and come to you.

There are kids meals (with burgers, grilled cheese, chicken fingers and more) and adult burgers, salads, chicken sandwiches and more.

Instead of a veggie burger they have a “Fritter” with a corn fritter with guacamole, pickled red onion, lettuce and tomato.  The burger is a fried fritter and I appreciate it not being just another mushy veggie patty.

We ordered kids meals and the Fritter… and later saw people with the Parmesan truffle fries and the steamed edamame.

There is free parking in the lot behind the building, and also across the street by the Menil.  Prices are not bad, but not cheap… which is probably the only thing keeping us from eating here every single night… BUT at the time of this post, kids do each free on Monday and Tuesday with the purchase of an adult meal.

Check out the pictures below!



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