Check Out the Baseball Splashpad at Godard Park in Texas City

Address: Loop 197 North (25th Avenue North) and 23rd Street North, Texas City, Texas 77590

We love baseball and we love the Astros playing in the post season… and this week’s park has a baseball themed splashpad!  It’s Godard Park in Texas City!

This park has baseball fields, basketball court, a cool playground and great baseball splashpad.  (It’s all in the sun… so bring the sunscreen.)

As much as we loved the splashpad, the playground really had some great ninja features… curved climbing walls, wheel monkey bars, broken bridges and more!

Google has this park listed ask Goddard Park, but I’m pretty certain it’s Godard Park… but if you know, you can tell us.

Also, we went just before Harvey… so if anything has changed, please also tell us.  (As far as I see online, it’s open and okay.)

Check out the pictures and check out the park next time you are around Texas City!





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