How to help your Houston neighbors, even if you cannot pull out dry wall.

Harvey was awful, but this was amazing.

Yesterday as we pulled apart the walls at my parent’s house, strangers were walking down the street, offering to help. They had gloves and just jumped in hauling trash out to the heap.
Other people brought over drinks and snacks. Other people helped haul dry boxes to other parts of the house.

And seeing the size of the job in one house, I know there are plenty of people that need help and plenty of ways to help.

Also, I know that people with flooded homes are so overwhelmed they may not know exactly what they need or what you can do.

So, I was putting together a list of ways to help your flooded neighbors… and need your help to add to it.  (Thanks to those that have contributed already!)

  • Bring gloves and tools and offer to pull out walls/floors.
  • Bring gloves and bleach and offer to spray the walls/floors.
  • Ask to pack boxes or haul stuff around the house.
  • Offer to do laundry. (Most laundry rooms are out of order.)
  • Bring lunch, snacks or restaurant gift cards. (Most kitchens are out of order.)
  • Be “pushy”. Say you are ordering lunch and to tell you want they want from xyz.  I am bringing drinks, Coke or Tea?
  • Bring by supplies. Many stores near flooded neighborhoods are out of bleach, trash bags, moving boxes, work gloves, etc.
  • Offer to go to the store for whatever they need.
  • Bring by a cooler of drinks.
  • If you are friends, offer to watch the kids.
  • Offer to walk the dogs.
  • Call apartment places to see if there is availability.
  • Offer to go collect clothing/toiletry supplies from relief organizations.
  • If you are a close friend/Family member, offer to organize the needs and sign ups (i.e. one person for others to contact who want to help)

What else would would you add?

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