What to pack in the car… so you have what you need for school drop off each morning!

Did you brush your teeth?  Did you remember your lunch? Did you grab your water bottle?  Did you even wear shoes? “Ohhhhh….. I forgot!”

As organized as we try to be in the morning, at some point each week, the rush gets the best of us.  So, each August I take the beach chairs and swim suits out of the car and replace them with our back-to-school survival items.

Here are the things that have saved me from providing an on-demand courier service over the last 5 school years:
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  • Wisp Toothbrushes:  We’ve “forgotten” to brush teeth and I’ve found out in the drop off lane more times than I like to admit.  These disposable toothbrush keep us from being the stinky-breath kids.
  • Snacks: Granola bars, crackers, fruit sticks, etc.  I just keep big Costco-sized boxes in the trunk in case we “forget” breakfast or decide I’ve packed the worst lunch in the entire world.
  • Water Bottles: We do fill our own reusable bottles each morning… but I keep a big Costco pack in the trunk as well… because, well, we sometimes forget.
  • Duct Tape: This isn’t sometime we “forget”, but I’ve used it many times.  One week my son ripped the sole off his sneaker on the way into school… and a few weeks later, he managed to sit on a wooden bench and rip a giant hole in his jeans.  Duct tape solved both problems.
  • Sickness Bags:  So… my kids sometimes don’t want to go to school. And I make them go anyway.  And then on the way, I find out that they were in fact sick and I am a terrible mom for not believing them.  (Really, I don’t feel bad because just as often I was right and they are tired and should have gone to bed when I told them the night before.)  I started using these bags after I saw them in the emergency room… and they have saved my car many many times.  The opening makes them easy to hit.
  • Sun Screen:  For sunny recess.
  • Bug Spray:  We don’t always wear it… but sometimes we find 5 million mosquitoes at our school.
  • Nail Clippers:  I don’t think my kids care about this… but I do.  Usually it’s when we arrive at school that I see that my kids’s nails look like they just clawed their way out of a prison.  It gives me the heebie-jeebies, so I cut them in the parking lot.
  • Chap Stick: Okay, fine, this is for me too.  I hate having chapped lips.
  • Hair Ties: Often we get to school and I realize my curly haired girl looks like she was struck by lightening.  The good news is that a messy pony tail on her looks like a prom-up-do on me. (Curls are awesome.)
  • Spare Clothes:  These are usually too-big hand-me-downs… but sometimes duct tape won’t fix all our wardrobe malfunctions.

And, of course, we still have the car seatsjumper cables and tire pump… just for getting to school and these items for our Houston adventures.  If you have more items you keep in the car for school mornings, let us know!

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