Two for Tuesdays Return to the Downtown Aquarium – Buy One Get One Free Admission for Summer 2017

Here’s the good news… Two for Tuesdays are returning to the Downtown Aquarium in June, July and August 2017. Just print out the coupon, or pull it up on you phone, for every 4 people in your group and get buy one get one free access to everything at the Aquarium… the rides, the aquarium and the sting ray tank!  (In the past, you have been able to use multiple coupons.)

Here’s the trick…. Two for Tuesdays is on the Downtown Aquarium calendar, but you need a new coupon every month.  Usually it is in on the bottom of the homepage in one of the rectangles (and shows up on the first of the month).  You will need a new coupon each month.

The other trick is…  if you pull up on mobile, you must go to bottom and select “classic” to go to the desktop version. From there, select Houston, then 2 for Tuesday link should be second from left.

For June’s coupon, go HERE!
For July’s coupon, go HERE!
For the August coupon, go HERE!

For the complete events list for Memorial Day through Labor Day, go HERE!


  1. for some reason the coupon never pops up it just takes me to the aquariums home page

  2. Domonique Lemon says:

    June tickets are not showing up

  3. June coupon not showing up. It just links to July coupon on aquarium website. Tried from both mobile and laptop, same result.

    • Jill Jarvis says:

      Oh, I see what you are saying! They must have switched it out a week too early. I bet they will honor it today, but call ahead to be sure!

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