A Gift Your Kids Will Remember… Engineer for a Day at Hermann Park

My son counted down the days until he was 7 years old and could be Engineer for a Day at Hermann Park.  Now 8 years old, he asked to drive the train again as his Christmas gift.

Watch the short video below… or go HERE to see it!

Engineer for a Day is a pretty cool experience.  So cool, that my 6 year old girl is now counting down the days until she turns 7 and can be the Engineer.

Kids arrive in the morning and help open up the train barn, perform safety checks, wash the train and get the railroad ready for the day.  After about an hour of preparations, they sit right next to the conductor and help take the train around to Kinder Station.

Hermann Park Train Barn with Holiday Train
The kids get an official badge, conductor’s hat and certificate, and help with everything along the track.

Kids get to sound the whistle, ring the bell, count the tickets, help passengers off the train and load up new ones.

Hermann Park Train Conductor for a Day1
Kids must be 7 years old (and adults can be Engineers too). The cost is $150 (and add $50 to bring along a parent or grandparent). Conservancy members get a discount.  Get all the details at Hermann Park!

Joe Hermann Park Conductor for a Day

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