Frey’s Backyard Cafe in Tomball – Our Search for Houston’s Best Restaurants for Kids

Onion Rings from Freys Backyard
Location:  14441 FM 2920 Road, Tomball, Texas 77377
Cost: $
Appropriate Age: Any age!

This week’s kid friendly restaurant takes us out to Tomball!  Just north of Houston is Frey’s Backyard Cafe.  And if you have not guessed already, it has a great backyard.

The restaurant is casual and inviting.  It is rustic with a modern twist, with stone, rusted tin and bright teal painted wood.  You order at the counter and the food is delivered to your table.  In the main room you can have a table or booth, but in the back you can sit at the indoor picnic tables and look out at the backyard.

Yard at Freys Backyard
The back yard is a giant open space that is fenced in and ready for a pick up game of soccer or football.  There are lots of balls around,  a bean bag toss, and newly installed turf (that looks like grass but doesn’t get muddy).  This is a great spot for the kids to run while the parents relax (or run too).

Oh, and Frey’s has food too.  It’s reasonably priced, tastes good and is delivered by very friendly servers.  Kids can get chicken, burger, hot dawg (yes dawg), grilled cheese or shrimp.  Adults can pick from crawfish, burgers, salads, po-boys and more.

Santa Fe Salad from Freys Backyard Tomball
I had the Santa Fe salad that was really substantial (even without meat).  But it’s the onion rings that everyone raved about.

They are very crispy and a giant mount is only about $2.00.  It’s really quite dangerous and I recommend making the broccoli $2 and the rings ridiculously expensive.  But, since Frey’s hasn’t made the change yet, I (happily) did my part to help my table finish them.

This restaurant is great for families.  Good food, nice people, a giant yard and the bathrooms are ready for babies.  Be sure to visit next time you are in Tomball!

Juliette will be back next week to share another family friendly restaurant in the Houston area!

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