The Teahouse

Address: 2089 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX

Cost:  Not super expensive… but not a cheap McDonald’s iced tea.  About $3.50 per drink.

Appropriate Age:  Any age, but there are a lot of college students studying and socializing with the free wifi.

Our Review:  I once had bubble tea on a business trip to Taipei, and have been hooked ever since.  I was very excited to discover The Teahouse in the Randall’s shopping center at Westheimer and Shepherd.  Not everyone likes to have tapioca balls floating in their tea.  I think it’s kind of like dessert.  You can order unsweet tea there, but most options have sugar and cream.  I’m personally content with not seeing the calorie content in my very favorite beverage.  (I just try to put a few weeks between visits.)

This place has a “coffee shop” feel with music, wifi and board games. There are many drink options and a few cookies and snacks. Kids can find a sweet frozen drink that they will like. Adults can find coffee and tea, with or without sinkers.

This place makes a nice casual date or a nice change from the usual kid places.

Check at The Teahouse for the free rewards program (tied to your phone number) and the happy hour deals.

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